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We treat our patients with an approach specific to your individual needs utilizing the latest innovations in Chiropractic care. All within a relaxed and friendly environment.

We have many years of locating and correcting the cause of your discomfort, painlessly and affordably. We utilize the most modern, gentle techniques along with tried and true manual Chiropractic adjusting as well as gentle and painless instrument adjusting, to correct your structural problems and allow your body to function as it was intended.

In addition to eliminating or reducing the symptoms your body is currently experiencing (pain, stiffness, numbness, burning, headaches, leg or arm pain, etc.) our techniques and approach will allow you to achieve a significant improvement in your overall health and well being.

Auto accidents are among the most traumatic experiences a person can go through in life. There are physical injuries as well as emotional trauma resulting from the event. If you have been in a recent car accident, you should be seen for a complete evaluation.

Auto Injuries can occur at speeds of six miles per hour! A low-speed collision may not cause excessive damage to your vehicle, but the injuries sustained by your body do not always correlate. Neglecting the effects of automobile collisions can result in long-lasting pain, dysfunction, and decreased enjoyment of life’s normal daily activities.

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Workers compensation injuries may include a slip and fall accident, a fall from a ladder, or injuries that were incurred after tripping over a hazard or some type of unsafe surface. Other workers comp injuries may have happened on the road if driving or traveling is a part of your work duties.

The type of medical care needed for each workers compensation case may vary, but many injuries will benefit from chiropractic care as it provides a long range solution for back pain, headaches and migraines, neck pain, and other injury types that are suffered on the job.

Our goal in treating all workers comp cases is to return patients to the same level of health as they had before the accident at work. With the dedicated collaboration of patient and chiropractic doctor, we find this to be highly successful.

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