Patient Testimonials

Six weeks ago I paid my first visit to your clinic. At the time I thought I was dying. I had never experienced such severe back pain ever. Thanks to your therapy – adjustment and massages, I know feel so much better. The orthotics has provided so much comfort and support. The staff is wonderful, caring and put the patients at ease.
This is my first experience with Chiropractic medicine and I have learned a lot. So much, I have recommended it to friends and family. - Ann P.
As a born skeptic, I never truly understood or perhaps have taken the medical profession of chiropractors seriously.
After ongoing treatment at Heffron Chiropractic Office, I firmly believe that it is vital to one’s health and well being to visit on a frequent basis your local Chiropractor for any adjustments that you may or may not realize you need.
During my visits, I have recently been informed that my posture needed to be worked on, and that the curvature of my feet is most likely the culprit.
I didn’t understand how my feet were directly related to my slouching, but sure enough, it was recommended to me to install prescribed pads for my shoes that will bring back the curvature of my feet and soon will improve my posture.
It has been three weeks since I have been experimenting with these pads in my shoes, and I must say that it has worked ten-fold in just three weeks.
My posture has significantly improved, my knees stopped cracking, and if anything else, the pads also give me a little bit more height in my stature.
So, if you are one of those people like myself where “seeing is believing”, believe me. It works. - Adam C.
Just a note. I have had neck pain ever since my accident. I have had excellent results with Dr. Luecken and using his suggestions. I have used the neck exercises, the cervical pillow and most importantly the Dakota Unit. - Steven S.
I just wanted to take this time out and say a BIG Thank You, for making my back problems seem less of a problem because of the care you provide along with your wonderful staff. Thank you for being a people person, it truly helps when people are in pain and they need tender care to get better. - Satisfied Client
I am writing this letter to tell you how much the Neuro Impulse Instrument has improved your chiropractic adjustments.
After many years of having only manual adjustments with mixed results, I have found that using this instrument is far superior than manual adjustments. For instance, in the past during manual adjustments of my neck, quite frequently due to stiffness, anticipation, and the peculiarities of the day I would either not get a full neck adjustment or the adjustment itself would be painful. Additionally, the adjustment would not hold for very long and sometimes the recovery period after the adjustment would take awhile.
In contrast, with the Neuro Impulse Instrument, the adjustments have been painless and hold a long time. Please keep in mind that these results have taken awhile for me to notice the difference. Additionally, a thorough back massage by your physical therapist, during each visit has been vital to the entire success of the treatment. - Regina A.
I came to Heffron Chiropractic Office during my indoor track season of 2009 because of a hip pain. I had planned to see the doctors until the pain suppressed and I would stop coming. Shortly after my first two weeks of treatment and adjustments, the pain went away. What kept me coming back the rest of the season and also the outdoor season were the results I was receiving on the track. I opened my season with a personal best in the 60m dash, and every track meet after that my times were faster. Visiting Heffron Chiropractic Office became a part of my weekly preparation before a competition. At the end of my season, I finished up as:
  • 2nd in the Big East 100m Dash
  • Metropolitan 60m, 100m, 200m Dash Champion
  • Big East Athlete of the week, Indoors and Outdoors
  • East Regional Qualifier
  • St. John’s 100m Dash Record holder
  • Liberia’s 100m Dash National Record Holder
Thank you so much for your magic hands. Because of your work, I was able to have an injury free season for the first time, break records, and compete to the best of my ability. I now reside in Dallas, Texas, where I am training for the 2012 Olympics. I’ve been searching for chiropractors that would match the treatment and hospitality that Heffron Chiropractic Office offers, and well, I’m still searching. Again, I just want to extend my deepest gratitude for al l your care. Whenever I’m in New York, I’ll make sure to stop by. - Phobay K.
I began receiving treatment from Heffron Chiropractic Office in 2004. It was a long recovery due to an injury I received from a car accident in 2003. I was practically bent over in pain until that time. I have come a long way since then and I am so happy about it. I have recommended Heffron Chiropractic Office to a lot of people. Love the adjustments, sports massages and therapy! - Sonya S.
I love hiking and gardening, but my back was keeping me from those activities. The good people at Heffron Chiropractic Office have helped me to do as much hiking as I wish and I have gotten back to to doing a reasonable amount of gardening, not to mention a myriad of other activities.
But, besides myself, while I wait my turn (which is never long) I see other patients that often go the same time as I do, improving in their walking, mobility and flexibility.
The staff all do what they are trained to do very well, everyone gives you a friendly greeting and a smile, and every patient is treated with the utmost respect and care. - Paul K.
I've been a regular customer for more than 14 years and try to never miss my weekly adjustment. I KNOW it's kept me from developing much more serious muscular and skeletal problems. I'd like to particularly mention Dr. Kerry Keegan who does great work and is a caring and compassionate practitioner. Thanks to all of the great staff who has helped me very much over the years. - Gail K.
When I came to know that I have got Pubic symphysis separation during my pregnancy, I didn’t know what complications it can bring to my life as a mother. Being a physical therapist by profession, it was difficult for me to accept that now it is my turn to be a patient. My friend Shoaib (practicing there as a physical therapist) suggested me to come here. Once my treatment started, it started showing results in 1 or 2 sittings only. So it really helped to do all my household activities. I could turn on my bed so that I can hug my new born son and that was a boon to me. I could walk easily after treatment and can easily lift my son. I am really impressed with their method of treatment and way of consulting their patients. I would always be thankful for making be able to connect and love my son like a normal mother by curing me in so short span of time. I am thankful. - Jyoti B.

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